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We both really wanted to make the wedding more than just a single day event -- especially for those who are able to travel to California from out of state. If you can make it to the city a few days early, please join us for a tour of some of our favorite wineries, a ferry trip out to Angel Island (the location of our first date in 1992), and then finishing on Saturday with an evening at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park for the wedding and reception.

We will be staying in the city starting on Wednesday, so we'd love for all of you to join us early. We are also happy to help you organize and plan a longer time in California if you have the opportunity -- there are so many interesting things to see and do.

  Napa Valley Winery Tour
Date & Time: Thursday June 11th, 2009
Location: Multiple wineries north of San Francisco
Details: We will be arranging transport to take us from the hotel to a number of our favorite wineries in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.  We'll make sure to plan a few good winery tours (both large and small), and plenty of wine tastings to experience the wide variety of styles.  What better way to experience the wine country than to let someone else drive!!

We will depart in the morning from the hotel, have lunch in the wine country, and return to the hotel before dinner.

If you have suggestions of wineries you've always loved and wanted to visit, let us know.

  Angel Island Exploration
Date & Time: Friday June 12th, 2009
Location: Angel Island, San Francisco Bay
Details: We will take a ferry from Fisherman's Wharf to Angel Island, located in the middle of San Francisco Bay.  The views from the island, especially atop the nearly 800ft peak, are breathtaking.  The island was the primary immigration station for the west coast during the early 1900's, as well as a processing station during both World Wars -- there are many historical buildings and exhibits to view.  In addition to hiking and biking options, the island provides both tram tours and segway rentals.

We will depart from the hotel in the morning, have lunch on the island, and return back to the city early in the afternoon.

A large portion of the island burned in 2008, so the wildflowers should put on quite a show in 2009.

There is a live webcam available here.

  Rehearsal Dinner
Date & Time: Friday June 12th, 2009, 7pm
Location: Waterfront Restaurant, Pier 7, The Embarcadero
Details: We would like to extend an invite to the rehearsal dinner Friday evening to anyone who has arrived in the city.  If you joined us for Angel Island earlier in the day, you'll appreciate the food and drink.  Transport will be provided from the hotel.

  Wedding and Reception
Date & Time: Saturday June 13th, 2009, 6:30pm
Location: de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, SF
Details: The ceremony will be held outdoors in the sculpture garden starting at 6:30pm, followed by cocktails and dinner in the museum.

Shuttle transport will be provided to/from the hotel throughout the evening.

If you're driving yourself, you should park in the underground Music Concourse Parking Garage.  The north entrance is at Fulton & 10th and the south entrance is at Concourse and Martin Luther King Dr.

Because the museum closes at 5:15, you will need to walk out the Music Concourse garage exit and not through the de Young museum.

Note that large sections of JFK Drive through the park are closed to automobile traffic during the weekends.

Date & Time: Sunday June 14th, 2009
Location: Le Meridien
Details: Before leaving the hotel and heading off to the airport, you are invited to join us for a casual Sunday brunch.


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June 13th, 2009

Here are some notable events that have taken place on  June 13:

1625: King Charles I marries French princess Henriette Maria de Bourbon

1633: Charter for Maryland is given to Lord Cecil Baltimore

1777: Marquis de Lafayette lands in South Carolina to help the Continental Army

1789: First Lady Hamilton serves ice cream for dessert at the White House

1798: Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, the largest of the California missions, is founded in Oceanside

1912: Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from an airplane

1920: The US Postal Service rules that children may not be sent parcel post

1922: Longest attack of hiccups begins for Charlie Osborne; they didn't stop until 1990, and then he died 11 months later

1948: Babe Ruth's final farewell at Yankee Stadium

1958: Frank Zappa graduates from high school

1970: Beatles' "Let It Be" and "Long and Winding Road" reach #1 album and song

1983: Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the solar system

1986: Back to School, the Rodney Dangerfield movie filmed in Madison, WI, opens